9 November 2022 Community | Community Engagement | Sustainability

Engaging with the community in the pandemic: A technology solution

Frieda River Limited is committed to supporting the communities we are a part of, and we recognise that our success is reliant on the support of our neighbouring communities.  

Part of this commitment is enabling genuine and inclusive community engagement with those impacted by our operations, including listening to, and actioning the feedback and the issues raised by our communities. 

In 2021, Frieda River Limited invested in new IT infrastructure at its Frieda River Project site to enable critical community engagement activities to recommence after the COVID-19 hiatus while also minimising the infection risks of face-to-face contact.  

Members of the Community Leaders Forum, representing the seven villages impacted by the Frieda River Project, were assisted with site travel arrangements for quarterly meetings, provided a negative rapid antigen test was recorded.

The Company hosted the Forum using its on-site video conferencing facility, where at times up to 25 Forum members would meet virtually with Company representatives from the Project site and offices at other locations, such as Laos and Australia. 

These virtual meetings were well received by the community, as they enabled the timely sharing of Project information and raising of issues of interest to the community directly with the Company.