1 November 2023 Community | Government of Papua New Guinea

Environmental best practice discussed with PNG regulators

A leadership delegation from the owners of the Frieda River Copper-Gold Project met with senior executives from PNG’s Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) and the Conservation Environment Protection Authority (CEPA) to discuss the permitting of the project and the best practice environmental standards the project is committed to delivering.

Operated by PanAust Limited, the Frieda River Project is a world-class copper-gold development that will also generate a major infrastructure program including roads, port and airport developments, and clean electricity generation and transmission, in the East and West Sepik Provinces.

The discussions were aimed at clarifying the path forward for the Project’s permitting process and creating alignment about the environmental and sustainability standards.

Phil McCormack, PanAust’s General Manager of Studies, said the discussions were positive and built on the strong foundations of the relationship between PanAust and the Government of PNG.

“We greatly value the time and commitment of PNG to making Frieda River a successful project that will deliver significant financial and social benefits for PNG, local communities, and our investors,” Mr McCormack said.

PanAust CEO, Daniel Zheng noted that “The PNG Government is managing multiple major project developments, including Frieda River, and we are thankful for the Government’s careful assessment of our project as part of the approval process. We remain firmly committed to advancing the project in accordance with that process, while protecting the environment and maximising the benefits for our host communities and PNG more broadly.”