Local Sepik River men at the 2019 Crocodile and Arts festival.

9 November 2022 Community | Cultural heritage | Sustainability

Frieda River Limited announces support for the 14th annual Sepik River Crocodile and Arts Festival

Frieda River Limited announced its support of the 14th Annual Sepik River Crocodile and Arts Festival.

Held in Ambunti, East Sepik Province from 5th – 7th August 2022, the festival is a three-day cultural celebration.

Frieda River Limited Director, Phil McCormack said the Company has supported the festival since 2011 and is proud to see the celebration of culture growing popular and successful each year.

“We’re pleased to support the celebration of local cultures and traditions along the Sepik corridor and the hosting of the event again this year after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Phil said.

Festival organising committee secretary, Jacob Marek, thanked FRL for its continuous support of the festival over the years.

“Frieda River Limited is one of the first to respond to our requests for assistance. I thank the management and acknowledge the Company’s support over the years. The organising committee looks forward to partnering with FRL again next year.”

The festival highlights the cultural significance of the crocodile to the communities living along the Sepik River. A total of 15 cultural groups will display enriching performances at the Ambunti station, East Sepik Province.