Josaiah Takie a recipient of the Frieda River tertiary fee assistance.

9 November 2022 Community | Education | Sustainability

Josaiah pursues tertiary studies, thanks to Frieda River Limited’s fee assistance scheme

The Fee Assistance Scheme (FAS) sponsored by Frieda River Limited enables access to education for students in the seven landowner villages impacted by the Frieda River Project.

Josaiah Takie (pictured) is one of more than 200 students who have benefited from the program initiated by Frieda River Limited since 2014. 

Josiah is currently completing a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Development Studies at the Institute of Business Studies University in Port Moresby. 

According to Josaiah, the fee assistance has enabled him to focus on completing his studies and achieving his dream.

“I wish to convey my heartfelt gratitude for the Company’s generosity, without which I would not be able to successfully complete my Bachelor’s degree.” 

“My family, clan, and tribe would not be celebrating this achievement if it hadn’t been for Frieda River Limited’s Fee Assistance Scheme. The program has provided K5000 yearly for the past four years, totalling K20,000 plus travel assistance,” Josaiah said.

Josaiah will graduate at the end of 2022.