25 June 2023 aid | assistance | Community | water

Frieda River Limited provides clean water access to Kamanimbit

Access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene is the most basic human need for health and well-being. Kamanimbit villagers in Sepik had their only clean water source contaminated by toxic seepages from below the earth’s surface following the earthquake on 3 April 2023. This earthquake destroyed homes and livelihoods.

Frieda River Limited responded to the villagers’ social media appeal for alternative access to cooking and drinking water, and supplied tarpaulin canvases for temporary shelter.

Alfred Aaron, who led his Kamanimbit community in seeking external assistance, thanked Frieda River Limited for stepping in during their time of need. Alfred thanked the company for their generous donations.

“Frieda River Limited was the first business house in East Sepik to respond to our plea. The company purchased two 5000-litre Tuffa tanks with accessories. The water tanks will provide relief to the community, especially women and children,” he said.

Frieda River Limited was one of the first to respond following the earthquake in April in the Chambri area by providing its chartered helicopter to move disaster relief officials into the affected region.