Women from Wameimin 1 participating in the Frieda River Limited funded literacy and numeracy training

23 December 2022 Government | Women Empowerment Program

Women empowerment programs yields positive results

Targeted capacity-building programs continue to yield positive outcomes for the women in Frieda River Project’s seven landowner communities.

In July 2022, Frieda River Limited committed 100 per cent funding of more than US$30,000 to recommence the Women Empowerment Program (formerly the Women in Extractives Project), in recognition of the need to involve women in decision-making and to improve literacy and numeracy levels in its communities.

Between 2017 and 2019, the Company partnered with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to deliver the program. In 2019 the program was put on hold following the ceasing of DFAT’s program funding and the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Women with leadership potential, those who have successfully completed primary and/or a secondary school education and can communicate in Tok-Pisin and English are encouraged to participate in the leadership program.

Mrs. Martin Aki a leader from Wabia village, successfully completed the women in leadership training in October 2022. Mrs Aki thanked Frieda River Limited for its support of women through its restart of the program.

“We are seeing first-hand how the village-based literacy and numeracy classes are delivering positive impacts for our community.”

“Women who participated in these classes are empowered. They involved in decision-making, advocating for ongoing community participation and importantly they want improved access to education and learning opportunities for their children in particular girls,” Mrs. Aki said.
The community education program is based on the train-the-trainer model. Villagers who have successfully completed the training are equipped to teach literacy and numeracy in their communities.